Planning of affairs and notes in online.

The development project was launched August 16, 2012. August 27 was started testing by invitation and opened testing on September 4. September 7 project gotten version 1.0.


Drag the task to the other tab or category by means of a mouse.

You can quickly filter tasks by means of requests:

  • /category/Some category
  • /date/21-04-2019
  • /all
  • /termless
  • /today
  • /tomorrow
  • /outdated

Supported browsers:

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.28+, Opera 12+, Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome 21+.


Akhrameyev Denis Viktorovich ahrameev.ru.


JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap, CSS2, AJAX, HTML5, JSON.


PHP 5.1, Yii Framework, MySQL 5.1, Swift Mailer (Mail Yii extension), KCaptcha.

Some toolkit:

NetBeans IDE, Subversion (SVN), Git, The Closure Compiler, phpDocumentor, Debian Linux, Notepad++.